If accessories make the outfit, this season’s crop of look-at-me rings are doing all the heavy lifting. Here are a few must-try pieces straight from the style files of Voga Closet. 

Gold Standard: NLY Accessories Big Studded Ring

Oversized charm? Check. Rock-steady studs? Check. Enough shine-studded impact to stop mid-day traffic? Check, check and double check. Paired with an all-white outfit, this NLY stunner is the only accessory you’ll need.

Hand It Over: Estradeur Sparkling Ring

Faceted beads are known for catching the sun’s sparkle, so this mega-oversized item will put on a killer light show. Like the NLY option before it, don’t be afraid to let this Estradeur masterpiece stand on its own. With a ring this wow inducing, less is definitely more.

Double Duty: Just Female Ferd Ring

Two-finger rings have been making the rounds for a few seasons now, but this Just Female piece gets the concept so right. The translucent stone adds a glassy sheen to the stamped gold plate, and the narrow setting feels equal parts tough and downright feminine.

Six of One: JFR Smooth Set

Why choose one when you can have half a dozen? Available in both gold and silver tones, this JFR set combines three wide finger rings with three skinny knuckle rings for the ultimate full-handed statement. Pair this with a matte-black manicure for bonus style points.

Stack ‘Em Up: Pieces Asop Rings

Versatility is a girl’s best friend. Stack these string-thin gold rings on one finger, or wear them across both hands. Either way, you’ll be striking that just-subtle-enough chord.

Need more ring inspiration? Check out the accessories collections at VogaCloset.com.