Although we get diamonds from the coal mines but their shine brings shine on the face of the lady whose fiancée present her diamond ring for the engagement ceremony. Diamond engagement ring is a forever present by a man to a lady who are going to step-in in a new life of love and faith together.

It’s a wish of every lady to maintain the shine of her engagement diamond ring. So, there are some tips on caring of the engagement diamond ring.

Ø  Never wear a diamond ring while doing any work with sand or chemicals

Ø  Always try to keep an engagement diamond ring in separate box. That will avoid scratches on diamonds.

Ø  Never use any harmful chemicals to clean your diamond ring. Just brush and clean it with water.

Ø  Ladies should always remove their diamond ring before manicure in the parlor.

Ø  When not wearing your ring, keep it in a fabric lined ring holder in a jewelery box. The definitive ring box will work as well.

Ø  Don’t wear it when cleaning, cooking, working out, or cultivating. Soil and other grime can advance was making your ring lose it gleam.

Ø  Don’t wear it during shower. The cleanser can really make the precious stone cover over.

Ø  Be mindful so as not to tangle your engagement ring on anything like a sweater or a tablecloth. It can pull at the prongs making it conceivable to release the setting.

Ø  To maintain the sparkle, take your ring in one part smelling salts to three parts cool water for close to a half hour before cleaning. Don’t do this more than once a month.

Ø  Clean your precious stone ring in the vicinity of once a week however no less than once a month. Clean with a wet delicate toothbrush to uproot earth and grime then let dry on a build up free material.

Ø  Avoid touches the precious stone straight. The oil on your fingers will get the jewel grimy.

Ø  If a guarantee accompanied the ring, then make a point to take after the examination transform. A gem dealer frequently requires you to get the ring no less than once a month for assessment.

Ø  Regardless of a guarantee, its a great thought to get protection on the ring. Just on the off chance .

The most important tip at least is that one should take their engagement diamond ring to diamond shop once a year for its proper maintenance and care.