Purchasing costly shoes has become synonymous with good quality.  However, only a few are ready to shovel out a considerable amount to get premium quality. Are expensive shoes worth the purchase?   Yes, it is. They have high durability, lasts long, comfortable to wear, and reinforce foot health. When you take into consideration long term benefits of purchasing high-quality shoes tend to be more economical for the value you get. Let us take look at some of the premium shoes stuffs that are going to dominate men’s footwear in 2019.

The classic sneakers

In our lifetime we will probably own a dozen pair of shoes. The way we live and the dress has been largely influenced by athletic shoes. The classic sneakers are reminiscent of the popular pop-culture developments and hip-hop. In contemporary times, sneaker companies while designing their shoes do the needful so that chances of injury is minimized during walking or running.  It gives emphasis on maximizing the comfort of the wearer. Sneakers are one of the most sought after kind of men’s shoes. It is an integral part of the style statement of younger generations as they are available in various colours, and patterns. Every successful brand of shoe manufacturer comprises a rich collection of classic sneakers in their product line. Flaunting a pair of sneakers is considered to be the hallmark of exclusivity. We are living in a world where button-downs and jeans are trending in men’s fashion wear. Classic sneakers complement the attire and bring into focus the fundamental elements of masculine expression.

Snaffle Loafers

If you can ever think of classic slip-on style men’s shoes then loafers would probably be the first to come across your mind as they do make use fastenings or laces.  Generally, they are made from leather and it has a close resemblance to a moccasin when it comes to shaping and stitching with a flat heel.  From being a casual shoe to start off people nowadays adorns it with a wide range of outfits for the different occasion including formal wears.  Moreover, they are fashion staple infusing a delicate smart-casual style to any outfit.

Black Chukka Boots

It is one of those versatile boots which is undoubtedly a men’s shoes classic. It can easily fit with casual and smart attire which can be as simple as a pair of pants.  Chukka boots look very stylish when dressed down with a coat, skinny jeans, and knitwear. In contemporary times, Chukka boot comes in various fabrics and lathers like faux leather, synthetic fabrics, and canvas.

Although Chukka Boots are generally brown in colour these days black colour is used with formal attires as it complements well.  The possibilities of incorporating Chukka boots into your wardrobe are limitless. There are different kinds of Chukka Boots available in the market right now some of them are Goodyear welted while others feature a glued rubber sole.  In fact, the design boots that are marketed as Chukkas may not fit its classical description but may still suffice your needs.