Before we discuss the proper clothing that you should wear when training martial arts, let me first congratulate you for studying the combat sports. When you are taking your first class, stepping inside the camp may be a bit daunting. In case you are concerned about the things that you should wear during your class. Most of the clothing designed for this sport is relatively comfortable and simple. Basically, anything that you will wear during your workout will work perfectly during your class.​

Men’s Clothing When Training Martial arts​

For men, they can simply wear a singlet or sports tee as their top. In most cases, the guy will hit the training camp topless, particularly in Thailand where the climate is blazing hot. The gym does not impose a strict dress code, as long as one feels comfortable, they can virtually wear anything they want. This practice may not be common to the gyms in other parts of the world. You need to make sure that you are not drawing unwanted attention. With regards to the bottom, you can wear a Muay Thai shorts or an MMA shorts. Make sure that the shorts that you are wearing will not impede on your leg movement.​

Women’s Clothing​

For ladies, it is always advisable to wear sports bra when going to the training camp. They can also wear a singlet or sports tee. In terms of your bottom wear, there are Muay Thai shorts that are designed for women. There are different websites that are offering fitness wear, be sure to consider your options before settling on a decision.​

Choosing Shorts​

Muay Thai has a long list of available shorts that are ideal for training. The opening on the leg should be wide since it involves a lot of leg works and kicks. You should also consider wearing something appropriate underneath your shorts. The girls should refrain from wearing shorts that comes with lace since it may hamper or distract them when they are doing kicks. Tights, spandex, cycling shorts and other compression shorts are also recommended.​

Knee and Ankle Supports​

Muay Thai trainers are usually wearing ankle supports; they are normally worn by the trainers and the fighters. This is ideal for people who have bad ankles and those who want to keep their ankle comfortable and warm. They also provide an ample protection on our joint especially when the routine involves a lot of kicking in the pads and heavy bags. Knee guards can also be worn by the fighters, but it is not that common. Its functionality can be compared to the practicality of the ankle support. They provide some level of support to our knees without distracting your movement.​

Muay Thai at is a fulfilling, interesting and fun combat sports. Before you know it, you will fill your entire wardrobe with the right clothing that is designed for this combat sport. Remember that you should always consider comfort over style when looking for the proper clothes.​