For this holiday season I’m looking for something special to give to my little ones…Instead of buying your standard plastic toys, I thought of buying something hand crafted and unique that can be passed down from generation to generation.

While surfing online I was amazed by the adorable hand made gifts I found. Even more interesting was that many are hand crafted in Bolivia and Peru.

Some of my favorites hand crafted gifts are these unique Mountain Gnomes by Anabel Fournier based in Washington DC. They remind me of Santa’s little helpers. These 11” tall soft toys come in three color combinations (red, green or blue), include a tall hat, crochet beard, and a cute little mustache.

There’s actually an interesting story behind these adorable soft toys. During Anabel’s interview with Dashin Fashion she explained, “Fournier products are all handmade by a group of women in a city called Cochabamba in Bolivia. I lived there for almost 10 years. I started Fournier as a poverty alleviation project. I used to work with only 4 ladies and then it grew and now we employ a big group between 80 and 100 women for each collection.”

Fournier also designs a luxurious, unique line of handcrafted, eco-friendly clothing made of the finest baby alpaca wool, organic cotton and pima cotton.

Another favorite hand crafted gift are adorable giant dolls made by Bla Bla Kids, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Designed by Florence Wetterwald, each Bla Bla Kids piece has character, personality, and a story to tell. All items are hand knit by amazing artisans in Peru from the softest 100% Peruvian cotton.

The Bla Bla Kids giants were first shown a number of years back as a trade show display. They were so popular at the show that Bla Bla Kids began selling them to the public. These soft creatures also come is tiny and medium sizes so you can match the giant with their little friends too.

My personal favorites are the Elephants – Hercule (boy) and Joesphine (girl), Wolly the Sheep and Balthzar the Bunny. It’s hard to decide, there are so many dolls to choose from!

Bla Bla Kids also has a children’s home decor line Petit Home with adorable bedding and beanbags. You’ll also find wonderful mobiles, dolls and doll costumes.