High School is all about thinking of having someone you love and getting married to them. And once you have found someone to whom you can love and trust with your life, then, of course, you might be looking forward to marrying them. And no doubt someday you will get married to someone you love. Now just like any other, you would also like to turn this day into one of the most amazing days. So for this purpose, you need to go step by step, rather than rushing into everything at once. So first of all what you need to do is to make a file of all the necessary things that you are going to need for your wedding. It will be really easy as you just have to pick up a suitable folder from some stationary shop.

Make a Folder with Necessary Details

Now start with making a section in that folder, and you can label each section of that folder with different requirements in a wedding reception. Make sure that you must mention each and every little detail in those sections. For example, you can start with Wedding themes, Venues, Limousine, Flowers, Music Band, Photographer, and food menu. Now start going through all the fashion and wedding magazines, and choose every single article that you like from that magazine, and cut it out. Further, paste those cut pieces in their specified sections. Like if you have found some Wonderful Mermaid Wedding Dress, then paste it under Wedding Theme Section, and give it a title as Mermaid Wedding Dresses.

Let your Friends know their importance

So in future, if there are some new designs then you can also paste them there. You have no idea, but this folder will help you a lot when you have to start the preparations for the wedding. As now you need not do any kind of research and just select right away from that folder. Now if you want everyone to attend your marriage ceremony then even before you have sent out invitations cards, there is one other thing as well which are known as saving the date cards. Well, not many people do these type of stuff. But it is better as in this way your friends and relatives start rescheduling their daily routines just to make sure they attend your wedding.

Keep everything in order

Further just in case if you want everything to go in order then you can note everything on some sticky notes, and stick them right on the fridge door, or you can have a small diary. This will be just like your checklist to make sure that everything is going in order, and you do not forget anything. After this, there are going to be a lot of friends or relatives who would be coming out of town, so it would be better than you have already booked. Besides every single guest would just love to capture the moments from your wedding just the day they want to see it. So you can have multiple disposable cameras and put them over to every table in the hall.