Whether you are looking for your first job or are considering a change in career, working in fashion retail is something that is well worth considering. The fashion industry is huge, which means that there is always plenty of work available. In fact there is so much work available in the retail industry that there are job boards that only advertise retail jobs. The biggest of these specialist job boards is Retail Choice. A quick tour around that job board will uncover hundreds of fashion retail jobs, and you will see dozens of new ones added every few hours.

However, working in fashion retail is not for everyone. Here we take a quick look at the skills and qualities that you will need to be successful in this area of work.

Customer Facing

Most fashion retail roles involve you dealing with customers face to face. This means that you must want to work with people. You have to be helpful, polite, well presented and be considerate. Customers need to feel comfortable with you and be able to ask you for advice and help.

Well Presented

Given the fact you are going to be working in fashion you need to be well-dressed and groomed. No firm is going to take on someone who is a bit scruffy or does not have good personal hygiene habits.

Reliable and Punctual

In most fashion stores you will be part of a small team. Therefore, you have to be punctual and reliable. A small team cannot and will not cover for someone who does not turn up to work on time.


The fashion industry moves fast and things change far more than you may realise. Stores regularly introduce new IT systems, sales methods and layouts. You will be expected to learn these new systems quickly and adapt to new company policies as they are introduced. Your day to day work will be more varied than you would expect. Most firms require you to be able to merchandise, control stock and deal with health and safety issues amongst other things.

Working in fashion retail is very rewarding, so why not give it a go?