Replacing projector bulb is a frequent occurrence for anyone who owns a home theater projector for a long period of time. While 2000 hour lifespan might sound like a lifetime to some individuals, you should be rest assured that it will not take long before your projector requires a replacement. However, here are some essential tips from the Odyssey cinema   NR -90 concept that can assist to extend the lifespan of your projector bulb:

Avoid touching the bulb

The common problem encountered in the projector bulb is due to people touching their lamp with bare hands. While it is just okay for just an ordinary light lamp, it is actually a bad practice for the projector bulb. The projector lamp normally burns much hotter compared regular light lamps. The act of touching it with the bared hand is similarly problematic and magnified.

If you touch projector lamp with a bare hand, it will leave the oil traces on the bulb surface. Although it may seem just a minor detail, it’s detrimental for both the lamp and quality of the multimedia display. The oils can get burnt onto the bulb and will dramatically minimize the lifespan of your projector lamp.

First turning of the bulb then the projector power

It is mostly recommended to switch the projector power off only after switching of the bulb and enabling it cool down. By doing this, it will enable the cooling fan to perform its task efficiently. While a quick heating and cooling result in continuous expansion and contraction of the lamp filament, it can be matched better if it can be done by cooling fans.

Avoid the Constant Movements

Continuous movement and bumping of the projector, especially when it’s hot, can cause damage to the lamp of the projector. The lamp filament usually loses nearly all its tensile strength, especially when in heat during a normal usage.  

It is much similar to camp lantern filament. This principle is just the same the filament efficiently becomes nearly similar to consistency as the ash. Thus, makes it highly vulnerable to potential damage when it’s hot. Even after a thorough cooling, the bulb filament can still be very fragile.

It is also important to shift the projector while cleaning its filters. As usual, try to move it carefully without jerking or bumping it around. Always take your time to check your projector mount and make sure that it’s safely fastened. By doing this can be beneficial so as to prevent movements and slips that can cause damage.


With just a preventative maintenance and little care, the projector bulbs will still require replacement, but not about often.

With a little care and a little preventative maintenance, the projector lamps will still need to be changed, but not nearly as often. It all depends on a regular usage of the projector. The more it’s being used for the daily purposes, the more its lifespan reduces. However, if you strictly consider the above tips, you can increase the lifespan of your projector.