Holiday parties mean dressing your best and having a good time. To make it easier for you, the following section will shed some light the Christmas party essentials starting from the host gift to the wristwatch you will be wearing with your outfit. Let’s have a look.

Host Gift

You should shed the run-off-the-mill Christmas gifts for the host and take the path less taken. Go for woollen beanies this year as the host’s gift. In case, the party is being hosted by your granny, take a thoughtful turn and gift her basket filled with essential oils so she can take a relaxing dip after the day’s events.

The Sweater

No matter what they say, sweaters are still in vogue when it comes to attending a casual Christmas party. Although, one should keep a close watch on the fitting and finish of the sweater to keep themselves from getting booed out of the stage when it is their turn to sing a Christmas carol.

The Jacket

Winter jackets for men are perfect for making sure that you seem presentable and casual at the party. Be sure to opt for a pea coat or a parka and wear it with a slim fit trouser in dark hue and proper footwear for best results. Avoid leather at all costs since it will be overdressing when you are attending a casual Christmas party.

The Watch

You can go ahead and wear that digital watch or your favourite chronograph you wear to your office, but bear this in mind, neither of the two is right for a casual setting. It is best to go for a dress watch which is all about sophistication and simplicity – the essence of a casual Christmas party.

The Belt

Avoid wearing something too flashy. Go for a dark-hued leather belt with a small to medium buckle. In this way, you can rest assured that even after you have had a third helping of the chicken casserole, the buckle won’t come in the way of your increasing waistline.

The Gloves

Go for something funny that gives out a festive vibe. You can always go for a pair of leather gloves but that is okay when you are attending a Christmas party at your office. For a casual party, it is always advised to go for woollen gloves.

The Boots

When it comes to attending a family get together, it is always best to go for a pair of boots that is classy and elegant. You can either go for a pair of brogues, a pair of Oxfords or simply a pair of monks. They are perfect for a Christmas party

The Jeans

Your favourite, worn out, ripped jeans won’t do the trick here. Since it is a casual Christmas party with your friends and loved ones, it is best to wear that is more on the sophisticated side. Go for a pair of dark-hued jeans, with a tapered finish, cropped and low waist fit. Be sure that the material is thick enough as you don’t want your legs to feel the chill when you head back home now do you?

Be sure you follow the above tips to come up with the best outfit you need for attending a holiday Christmas party. If you have suggestions of your own, be sure to leave them as comments in the comments section below.