Few things can have a greater impact on the look and feel of your wedding than the flowers you choose for you big day. From the bride’s bouquet to those used to decorate the wedding venue and the table arrangements at the reception, flowers can evoke the right mood and create a special air of romance.

But before you even decide on your colour schemes, there’s one important choice to make – do you go for real or artificial wedding flowers? While real flowers might be seen as more traditional, there are a number of significant benefits to be had by going the artificial route. But don’t take short-cuts; you might be saving money, but you’ll still need the advice of a specialist such as www.petalspolly.com to make sure you pick the best artificial wedding flowers.

1. You’ll have greater choice

If you opt for real flowers then you are limited to what the florist can get hold of at that particular time of year. But with silk wedding flowers you can have whatever you want, when you want it and regardless of what’s in season, making it possible for you to choose the flowers you’ve always dreamt of having on your special day. Artificial wedding flowers can also enable you to have wildly exotic flowers from the four corners of the earth, even on a modest budget. Want orchids in December or daffodils in August? Choosing artificial flowers gives you those options.

2. You can get them sorted well in advance

With fresh flowers there is inevitably a tight timetable to be adhered to in order to ensure that they’re looking their very best during the ceremony. With silk wedding flowers there are no such time constraints – you can sort your flowers out weeks before the wedding and they’ll still look exactly the same as when you picked them out.

3. They’re more cost-effective

It’s not all about the price tag, but there’s no denying that you can save a considerable amount of money on your wedding by opting for artificial flowers. Of course, the point isn’t just that you can save money; the lower price of silk wedding flowers means that you’re better able to afford a higher quality display, and get closer to the look of your dream wedding even if you’re on a budget.

4. They’ll stay looking good throughout the wedding

Fresh flowers are organic living things, and so they’re susceptible to the climate and environment, not to mention that from the moment they’re picked they’re subject to an inescapable entropy. Put simply, as soon as they’re picked, they’re dying. Artificial wedding flowers won’t wilt, droop or look otherwise worse for wear – they’ll look as fresh and as vibrant at the end of the day as at the start.

5. You can keep them as a reminder of your big day

Fresh flowers don’t last and by the time the honeymoon’s over they’ll undoubtedly be a sorry sight! It is possible to preserve them by pressing or air drying, but this can be difficult, time consuming and they won’t look the same as they did on the day of the wedding. With artificial flowers you can not only keep them, but they’ll look the same as they did, even many years later.