Buying presents is always something that requires a fair bit of consideration, but when it is for someone who is just about to turn one, you have rather less options. You can’t simply pop to the supermarket for a box of chocolates! For children this age, it’s a better idea to stick with practical gifts that can be used now or in the future. So what types of things does this involve? Here are just a few suggestions to help you on your way:

Building society account

When I was born, my grandparents opened an account in a building society for me and they paid in a few pounds each week. When I was 10 they gave me access to the account so I could choose something I wanted (I picked a bike) and I thought this was a wonderful gesture. You could do the same for the little one in your life to put a smile on their face when they’re older; you might even want to wait until they turn 18 before you hand over the control. It could be a nice little fund for university or a house deposit.

Bedtime goodies

Now that the baby is coming up to a year old, there are certain developmental changes that happen. Babies become more alert at this age, and show you much more personality than a newborn; they laugh and giggle and make cute noises – it’s amazing how fast they grow up. Before they reach the troublesome twos, a baby will sleep in a cot still, but they can now use a duvet (see Find a sweet set for a lovely gift that can be used at bedtime.

New books

With the growth of baby, it might be time to think about how much more they’ll develop in the coming years. Perhaps it is the right time to buy those classic children’s books you love so much, ones that have a bit more of a storyline than a page covered in a fuzzy material. If you start reading these out loud now, you’ll be able to do it off the top of your head by the time they reach three years old!

Car seat

In the next few months, baby might have outgrown the car seat that was bought for a newborn. There are some lovely models out there that can be used from birth to the age of three or four, which may be more convenient. They work by providing extra elements that can be removed as time moves on. This is a really practical present and could be used every day.

New outfits

Many parents are so fixated on the newborn stage that they don’t buy many outfits for the months that follow. That’s why it can be a nice gesture to pick up some bits that would fit a baby over the age of 12 months old, even up to a toddler size. Think about the seasons when picking items so they can be used as much as possible.