Characteristic properties of a chiffon fabric are that it is lightweight, sheer and handwoven. It is produced from either natural or synthetic fabrics. Sometimes, the combination of both is also used in order to impart that extra strength to the resulting material. The term silk chiffon fabric is coined from the fact that this textile is specifically manufactured from either pure silk or in combination with cotton, woven in a crisscrossed fashion together. The resultant fabric is extremely soft and wrinkle free, which makes it easier to work with it for layers and frills. It is also widely used as a base fabric for sewing beads, crystals and embroideries onto it. Which is why, it is the perfect choice for the trousseau, gowns, ornate lingerie and other party wear dresses, aptly rendering it the title of bridal fabric.

Unique characteristics of the fabric:

At first look, chiffon fabric comes across as a little transparent and sheer fabric. This is because it is a piece of plain woven fabric. Although the fabric is airy, it is worn best during the summers. Traditionally, chiffon is one of the luxury fabrics and now it is blended with other natural fibres to render styles and features. As silk chiffon fabric becomes highly popular as it considered renowned and precious sort, fashion industry invented its different types, for greater variety.

However, all these variations of the silk chiffon fabric are used for creating a different style of airy and lightweight dresses like costumes, skirts and decorative finishing. The dancer costumes, pyjamas, stoles, scarves, inset, evening dresses, upper layers of dresses and blouses are some of the apparels created using silk chiffon.

The best part of using silk chiffon fabric is its ability to give a fine drape, hypoallergenic and hygroscopic nature, softness, permeability and above all its elegant and feminine appearance. No wonder, silk chiffon dresses are so much preferred and adored by ladies across the globe.

If you are looking for more reasons for choosing silk chiffon, you would appreciate to know that this fabric is produced purely from silk threads has an ultimate luxurious look and feel to it. You’ll notice that it has got that trademark shimmer richness coupled well with the softness of texture. It drapes most beautifully across the body, flattering all the features marvellously while sticking to its own structure to some extent. This feature makes chiffon silk as the ultimate choice for high-end dresses.  

Where to buy?

While there are countless sellers claiming to sell the chiffon manufactured from the pure silk fabric, however, there can be anomalies to their claims. It is highly recommended to stick with the reliable dealers only with an established market rapport. You should check about the sources of their procurement and authentic customer reviews to make a well-informed choice while buying silk chiffon fabric.