For many of us parents around the world back to school shopping means buying two wardrobes: one for our kids school uniforms and a second to be worn after school and on weekends.

We’ll spend time and money ordering school uniforms ahead of the school year according to school guidelines. One advantage for families – getting ready for school should be faster in the morning, assuming that the uniform in all ready to be worn. One disadvantage – uniforms aren’t made to fit all body shapes and sizes. For example, an extra tall and thin child or a round child that doesn’t feel comfortable tucking in a shirt. Another disadvantage is that uniforms may not be as stain resistant and comfortable to play in.

Before my children had school uniforms I was envious of those parents whose children’s schools required a uniform. Now I have mixed feelings….Does having to buy both a school uniform and second wardrobe to be worn outside of school actually increase our back to school spending? Or do most parents buy less clothes to be worn outside of school. Could it be that we are now buying more expensive clothes for the after school and weekend wardrobe?

I would love to hear your opinion if school uniforms are a saving or do they increase your back to school shopping budget. I guess this all depends on how much we and our children love shopping for kids fashion!

“For Fall / Winter 2013 you’ll find gorgeous classic and modern kids collection taken right off the runway show at the PittiImmagine Bimbo trade show in Firenze, Italy,” explains Laura Yatim, founder of Dashin Fashion Kids Magazine. “For girls, styles are inspired by Ice Fairies where snowflakes and crystals sparkle on fine fabrics embroidered in silk and laminated threads, delicate little knits, rhinestone and sequin-studded collars. For boys, styles are inspired by “The Great Gatsby” bringing back slim ankle-length pants to be worn with an elegant jacket, suspenders, bow-ties and knitted ties. Some fun collections for boys and girls are inspired by the streets of London with preppy Tartan fabrics based on English school uniforms, and a metro rock’n’roll look with studded jackets and 3D effect jeans.”

When I look at the new Fall / Winter 2013 collections by Dashin Fashion it seems pretty hard to resist splurging on after school and weekend outfits. Some of my favorite styles are by designers Il Gufo from Italy, Mini Rodini from Sweden, Miss Blumarine from Italy, Tea Collection from the USA, and Oilily from the Netherlands.