Regardless of your position on politics, socioeconomic or love status, there is only one thing everyone can agree that everyone loves good coffee. There are lots of benefits people benefit from a coffee press. Regardless of the title French-Coffee-Press, the first coffee machine was introduced in Italy. Probably it was designed in France before it officially issued.

Nevertheless, thanks to Italy for introducing French press coffee maker to the world and also a tremendous coffee that is brewed from them. French press machines are recognized with different names all over the world. For instance, coffee plunger, but the one thing which is commonly known as a tremendous tasting java.

There has never been something like French pot. So, it should be noted with an open mind about wonderful and possibilities morning of what French press coffee machine can offer. If you’ve been wondering which of those amazing french press coffee maker to buy, you can refer to Coffee Press guide which contains all helpful information. The following are amazing presses from an online store:

Bodum-Chambord Eight-Cup Coffee Press

This type of coffee machine was awarded in 2004 by American-Culinary-Institute as a best French-press-coffee maker. This model has stayed original since an original sketch that was introduced back in the year 1982. This model actually produces the finest and perfect press on the current market.

BonJour Hugo Three-Cup Indestructible French Press

As far as handling delicate and expensive items is concerned, you can ask whether you’re all thumbs or perhaps little clumsy. Well, you shouldn’t worry anymore. You can just enter an unbreakable coffee press from Bonjour. It is made and designed out of a polycarbonate which is unbreakable.

This model type is a three-cup model designed with smaller size and is suitable for the impromptu get-together when the formal dinner isn’t yet ready for the evening meal. Also, it can be used as a desktop coffee press during working hours or when stuff is trying not to pass off coffee that may not work out right for you.


Brews 12 ounces of 3 cups of coffee, microwaveable (must eliminate parts of the metals), strong polycarbonate. You also add a French press to your kitchen because of an early breakage of Bodum press. This model seems somehow great.

LaCafetiere-Classic Eight-Cup Coffee Press

Classic is sometimes perfect, and therefore, this model has no exception. Since it’s elegant styling and design it appears more like a piece of an art rather than French press machine. An instant piece conversation and the excellent the culinary collection.

A will brew of a fresh 32 ounces of a pressed coffee, this isn’t a thermal press. Chrome top, with a convenient black handle rubber and the stainless-steel nozzle mechanism. So, you’re sure to excite your visitors and provide the taste buds the roller coaster taste coaster ride.


Dishwasher safe will brew eight cups of 32 ounces and traditional press model. You can access more free information, photos, and video on a coffee press, you can visit French-Press-Coffee-Maker on [].